Building your brand and legacy through Social Impact

We realize visions.

We transform your social impact vision from idea to reality.

We maximize resources.

We harness your internal and external resources to enhance your capacity for meaningful impact in your community.

We bring people and communities together.

Recognizing the power of the collective, we forge collaborations to create transformative change.

We celebrate diversity.

We embrace all of America, recognizing that diversity is one of the unique features that makes us special as Americans.

We create legacies.

We focus on delivering results that yield enduring impact in your community.

Make your impact with us!

  • enhance your brand reputation
  • positively impact lives
  • strengthen community values
  • advance the social causes you believe in
  • further the United Nations Global Compact Sustainable Development Goals
  • enrich your legacy
  • and ultimately create a healthy and vibrant society

We are champions of social impact because we believe in creating healthy, inclusive, just and caring communities.

As a visionary enterprise that believes in contributing to the greater good, you need an agency that knows how to strategically and effectively design, manage and execute every phase of your social impact vision.

We serve as your creative conduit, so that you may focus on other priorities.

We empower purposeful enterprises like yours to fulfill their role in social responsibility—the business practice of contributing to the well-being of society.

According to Forbes, research shows that socially responsible enterprises bolster their brand image and generate loyal customers, devoted employees and enthusiastic investors, which are keys to business success. 

Social responsibility, therefore, has become an essential business strategy.

Become a Partner

We call our clients 'Partners' because we believe in joining forces for purposeful collaboration.

Our partners are intentional about creating meaningful and impactful positive social change.

Our partners are visionaries that…

  • embrace social responsibility
  • invest in their communities
  • champion diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEI&A)
  • advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • and are a delight to work with!


Connecting to the community is key to your success. We empower you to build your brand and legacy in the community by integrating social impact into your business growth strategy and managing your signature programs.


You are stewards for the social good. We support your social impact mission through resource development, connections and project/program management.

Public Figures

As an athlete, entertainer and influencer on key social and cultural issues, your voice is powerful. We develop and manage your social impact strategy, so that you may connect with causes that resonate with your purpose and passion.


You shape the minds of future leaders. We enhance your diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEI&A) initiatives to expand your efforts to reach and impact promising potential within underrepresented and underserved communities.

Who We Serve

We partner with luminaries like you that recognize their role and responsibility in creating a socially equitable and sustainable society.

Our Services

We empower you to make your unique impact in the community by developing a social impact mission and strategy that aligns with your values, passions, interests and expertise.

We offer a suite of services to strategically develop and execute your social impact projects large and small. Through purposeful collaboration, we drive business growth and secure your legacy in the community through social impact.

One of our unique strengths is our special ability to connect you to the African American and Latino/a communities in meaningful ways.

Social Impact Mission and Strategy

We partner with you to develop your social impact mission and strategy.

Through our comprehensive framework we construct a customized strategy…

  • based on your business model, growth strategy, culture, capability and resources
  • built on your selected Sustainable Development Goals
  • and centered on your desired results

Project/Program Development and Management

We operate as architects to creatively develop the blueprint for your social impact strategy. We create your social impact plan, outlining the elements and resources required for its successful implementation.

We then use our skills in project/program management to execute your social impact vision. 

Focused and intentional, we are diligent in our efforts to deliver desired results.

Social Impact Solutions

  • Social Mission and Strategy
  • Program Development and Management
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Community Relations, Outreach and Engagement
  • Event Strategy and Management
  • Partnerships and Collaborations
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Management
  • Resource Development and Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Racial and Social Justice Initiatives
  • Strategic Communications

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility (DE&I) Strategies

  • DEI&A Mission and Strategy
  • DEI&A Support and Solutions
  • Program Development and Management
  • Change Management
  • Trainings
  • Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) Support
Dr Ramona Houston

Dr. Ramona Houston

About Me

Hi. I am Ramona Houston. My team and I are your resource for social impact—the positive change you want to create in society. 

With backgrounds in business, government, academia, and nonprofit management, we are a team of strategic and results-oriented professionals.  

We are passionate about collaborating with purpose-driven enterprises that seek to transform society through doing good.


Case Study

Event Logistics For A Fundraiser​

How we supported the Andrew J. Young Foundation to ensure a successful fundraiser

The Challenge

Fundraisers are essential to empowering nonprofits with the resources they need to accomplish their social mission. The Andrew J. Young Foundation planned to host a fundraiser in honor of its Ambassador Andrew Young. In the era of COVID, safety was a high priority for the Foundation. With a sold-out gala of over 1800 guests from across the nation and world and with most guests being over 65 years of age, the organization needed a team to administer its COVID protocols.

Our Solution

Our team were members of the unit that implemented COVID protocols for the Foundation. Within a 48-hour time frame, we verified vaccination cards and testing results for over 1000 guests.

The Result

Our services contributed to the success of the fundraiser. We provided a vital level of safety for guests, prevented long lines at check-in, and helped to execute a seamless event, enabling the Foundation to raise funds for their mission. The successful fundraiser empowered the organization with the financial resources it needs to continue its legacy of making social impact.

Andrew Young Foundation

Case Study

Building a workplace Culture that advances DE&I

How we identified DE&I challenges and solutions for a mid-sized private educational institution

The Challenge

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEI&A) initiatives help to build sustainable organizations. An internal assessment of their current work environment and culture empowers organizations with the information they need to initiate systemic and structural change. This effort requires the collection, evaluation and analyzation of data.

Our Solution

We worked with organizational leadership to a design a climate assessment strategy for a mid-sized private educational institution. The DEI&A initiative included developing the strategy, outlining the logistical details for every phase of the project, and execution. The project consisted of serval components:  an initial survey, comprehensive survey, data analysis, and personal interviews.  We compiled all information into a final report.

The Result

The final report provided the information the institution needs to guide its efforts in creating systemic and structural change.  It detailed both the problems and solutions, according to members of the organization. The report will serve as the foundation for developing strategies and initiatives to address DEI&A challenges. The climate assessment has positioned the  institution to create a more diverse, equitable, inclusive and sustainable organization.

Case Study

Empowering a company to advance racial and social justice

Designing a Racial and Social Justice Mission and Strategy for Assistance Animals Consulting

The Challenge

Racial and social justice initiatives help to build socially sustainable communities. To end systemic racism and advance racial equity, businesses must be engaged. After the murder of George Floyd, Assistance Animals Consulting, an emerging company, wanted to impact positive social change but did not know how the company could make a positive impact.

Our Solution

We consulted with the company to better understand their industry, business model, passions and capability. We used this information to determine where the company could be most impactful in advancing racial and social justice.  We identified three spheres of influence:  public education, diversity and inclusion within veterinary medicine, and strategic philanthropy.  Focused on these key areas, we developed the company’s “Statement on Ending Institutional Racism and Systemic Oppression,” and we created its social impact strategy—the “Racial and Social Justice Impact Initiative.” This three-prong strategy seeks to address racism in the field of veterinary medicine, build capacity among veterinarians of color through promoting a black veterinary medicine network, and encourage strategic philanthropy among veterinarians.

The Result

The company’s “Statement on Ending Institutional Racism and Systemic Oppression” along with its “Racial and Social Justice Impact Initiative” empowered the company to make its unique impact. The Initiative included three components, each with its own strategy:

  1. public education, a social media campaign that educated the public on systemic racism within the field of veterinary medicine
  2. a nonprofit partnership, a strategic collaboration focused on increasing diversity within the profession
  3. and the “Racial and Social Justice Giving Circle,” a philanthropic initiative focused on the #YouMatterFund:  Veterinarians for change, encouraging veterinarians to fund organizations doing racial and social justice work.

Through our services the company’s “Racial and Social Justice Impact Initiative” not only helped to advance racial and social justice, it also elevated the company’s profile, increased engagement on their social media channels, and raised funds.

Case Study

Advancing social impact through event management

Event coordination for Phi Beta Sigma Psi Chapter, galvanizing its members for service

The Challenge

Building human capacity empowers nonprofits with the manpower they need to make their unique impact. Civic and professional organizations with members across the country often host events to bring their membership together and, more importantly, mobilize them around their social mission. In commemoration of its founding, Phi Beta Sigma Psi Chapter wanted to host a reunion for its members and encourage them to recommit to their mission of service to the community. The chapter needed assistance in planning, coordinating and managing all aspects of their event.

Our Solution

We worked with the organization to create their event strategy. Once finalized we coordinated and managed all aspects of the event:  contracts for the hotel and ancillary services, event registration, meal events, reception, banquet, and program.

The Result

The organization hosted a successful reunion.  Attracting members from all over the country, the event renewed relationships, sparked new ideas for impact, and inspired members to continue their mission of service.

Case Study

Assisting a nonprofit in developing a global women’s summit

International Women’s Think Tank Women’s Empowerment Roundtable Summit

The Challenge

Gender equality is essential to social sustainability. The leadership of the Women’s International Think Tank (IWTT) envisioned hosting a leadership summit focused on empowering women and girls. The nonprofit needed support in developing its strategy and programming for the event.

Our Solution

We collaborated with IWTT to assist them in strategically designing their event. From program layout to content development we helped to map out the details. We introduced the nonprofit to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and encouraged them to integrate selected SDGs into their event strategy and programming. We also assisted with developing their marketing plans. 

The Result

The IWTT hosted a successful global women’s summit.  The event focused on building a sustainable future through the empowerment of women and girls. Speakers from various countries shared their best practices and lessons learned in addressing gender equality in advancing the UN SDGs in their communities.